About pet nets:

Operating in both WA and Victoria the team at Pet Nets Australia thrive on designing and installing beautiful custom-made frame-less cat play spaces, cat enclosures and cat runs that suit both the home, the family and cat.

We are proud to say that we have constructed over 3,000 enclosures with a satisfaction rating of 100%.  Please see our Facebook page for Reviews from our happy clients. 

About Our cat play spaces:

We prefer to call our cat enclosures "cat play spaces" or "cat havens" because they not only enclose a space for a cat but give it a very big area in which to play, while keeping it safe from harm.  They allow cats to venture outside to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine in the safety of the yard. Most cats are happier if allowed to spend time indoors as well as outdoors and live longer lives.

Installed between structures (buildings, fences, sheds, pergola posts, etc) our enclosures don't require framework. They are less obtrusive and have a much softer and more appealing look than steel framed, steel mesh enclosures and so lend themselves to areas that you would not normally share with your cat - like whole backyards, balconies and pergolas for example. 

AND........ Frameless netted enclosures are a FRACTION OF THE PRICE of similarly sized steel framed enclosures.

About the Netting:

The netting we use is top quality lo-vis black netting designed especially for cat runs.  When installed correctly it is almost invisible to the eye.  It is strong and long lasting - UV stabilised, with ISO testing showing minimal degradation after 10 years in the elements.

We use only the very best netting, fixtures and fittings. All wire, turnbuckles and steel fixtures are made from 316 (marine) grade stainless steel. All ties and plastics are UV stabilised.